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The concept of drug and alcohol treatment was forever changed when Tuerk House opened its doors in Baltimore in 1970. In the decades prior, those struggling with addiction had been left to detox in state hospitals or jail cells. But a handful of visionaries— including Dr. Isadore Tuerk, then the commissioner of Maryland State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene—knew there was a more collaborative, compassionate way to help people find lifelong healing and recovery.

From their vision, Tuerk House was born. Today, our non-profit drug and alcohol treatment system serves nearly 300 patients a day, regardless of their ability to pay, through an innovative, integrated model of care that encompasses all aspects of recovery.

Tuerk House will maintain its leadership in the Baltimore recovery community by continuously expanding the excellence, scope and effectiveness of its clinical, residential and vocational services in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

To provide the best possible care at the lowest cost for the most people in need. 

  • Tuerk House aspires to provide comprehensive treatment and a transitional living environment in a home-like setting for chemically dependent persons who meet the criteria for admission.
  • Striving for progress towards enduring recovery is a guiding principle.
  • Successful outcomes include a client’s independence from Tuerk House and interdependence with the recovering community. In many instances, clients will benefit from the recovery resources available from the larger community.
  • Patience, tolerance and professionalism guide the work of our staff.
  • Clinician warmth, kindness and expertise are directly related to a client’s successful abstinence and recovery, and are recognized hallmarks of our services.

Our Story

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