Director of Nursing, Tuerk House, Inc.


Department: Clinical
Reports to: Executive Director


Reporting to the Executive Director (ED), the Director of Nursing (DON) assumes authority, responsibility, and accountability for the delivery of nursing services, nursing policies, procedures, and practices. The DON determines and schedules nursing staff according to patient census and acuity and is responsible for scheduling licensed nurses for twenty-four hours coverage. The DON implements an effective and ongoing program to monitor, evaluate, and improve the quality of nursing care delivered to Tuerk House patients. The position is responsible for all day to day nursing activities.

Director of Nursing Responsibilities:

Working with the nursing staff, and medical providers manage and oversee the nursing care activities for Tuerk
House, including:

  • Making sound decisions on behalf of the organization.
  • Responding to the needs necessary to maintain the provision of quality care.
  • Remaining on call 24/7 for the needs of the Nursing Department.
  • Developing mechanisms which support the recruitment, retention, and ongoing education of the nursing staff.
  • Representing nursing in management committees, seeking solutions to problems, taking action and monitoring effectiveness.
  • Assuring practices comply with professional nursing standards.
  • Developing and implementing a conceptual framework and model for the delivery of nursing care which reflects the organization’s mission & goals.
  • Developing goals for the delivery of nursing care that are consistent with the mission of the organization. Solicits the participation of the nursing staff to assure patients with similar nursing care needs receive a similar level of nursing care.

Quality/Compliance/Risk Management:

As the Director of Nursing assume responsibility for and facilitate all activities related to Joint Commission Standards.

  • Have a thorough understanding of all of The Joint Commission (TJC) standards and requirements relating to accreditation in the area of Behavioral Health.
  • Ensure that all nursing department staff are competent to perform their duties.
  • Working with the Director of Residential Programs, oversee risk management for clinical and program staff.
  • Facilitate monthly tracking, data collection and reporting on TJC standards that impact the organization.
  • Develop and maintain evidence of compliance with standards as well as prepare needed evidence of compliance (policies and procedures, plans, reports, etc.)
  • Develop and facilitate baseline organizational assessments that provide the foundation for a survey preparation plan for TJC.
  • Detail the specific actions needed to bring the organization into full compliance with TJC standards.
  • Working with facility leaders ensure that the organization is meeting all requirements to maintain its accreditation.



Graduate of an accredited nursing program. Master Degree in Nursing preferred. Current licensure and
registration by the Maryland Board of Nursing as a registered nurse.

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Two years of professional nursing experience in residential drug treatment or a relevant setting
  • is required. Experience working with individuals suffering from mental disorders and substance
  • abuse preferred.
  • Must have three years management experience, preferably at the director level or above, and
  • minimum of five years nursing experience.
  • Able to demonstrate knowledge of facility, State of Maryland, federal laws and regulations, and
  • Joint Commission Standards.
  • Must be knowledgeable of nursing residential care management, and personnel management,
  • practices, policies and procedures pertaining to long term care administration.
  • Must maintain BLS certification.
  • Must demonstrate strong leadership and organizational skills.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with peer manager, staff, clients and their families.
  • Prior knowledge/experience with the following is preferred:
    • Crisis management and/or intervention with aggressive behaviors
    • Limit setting and behavior management
    • Psychiatric group processes and therapeutic relationship processes
  • Must have a value set consistent with a culture that is based upon respect, stewardship, connectedness, entrepreneurship, high ethical standards, and a passion to make a difference
  • Experience with Electronic Medical Records and computer documentation systems and reporting.
  • Proven experience managing operational and capital budgets



  • 4 Approx. number of direct reports
  • 55 Approx. number of indirect reports

Age of Patient Populations Served

  • Adults 18 – 70 yrs.
  • Geriatrics 70+

Internal Contacts

  • Patients
  • Providers (i.e., physicians)
  • Staff (i.e., clinical and admin support staff)
  • Volunteers
  • Patient family members, Board of Directors

External Contacts

  • Patients and family members
  • Providers
  • Vendors
  • Community agencies and advocates
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Grantors, community agencies, policy makers


  • Exempt (salaried – not eligible for overtime)


General Activity (Number of Hours)

  • Stand/Walk 2 - 4
  • Sit 2 - 4


  • Bend - Up to 1/3 of time
  • Squat - Up to 1/3 of time
  • Crawl- Up to 1/3 of time
  • Climb- Up to 1/3 of time
  • Reach- Up to 1/3 of time
  • Lift- Up to 1/3 of time
  • Carry- Up to 1/3 of time
  • Push- Up to 1/3 of time
  • Pull- Up to 1/3 of time

Use of Hands/Feet

Gross Motor Function

  • Right Hand
  • Left Hand
  • Right Foot
  • Left Foot

Weight Lifted/Force

Up to 25 pounds - 1/3 or more of time

Body Fluid Exposure - Yes

Moderate physical effort. Considerable walking. Light objects lifted, some reaching and stooping. Normal light, heat, air and space in work environment.


  • Handles multiple priorities
  • Independent discretion/decision making
  • Makes decisions under pressure
  • Manages anger/fear/hostility
  • Manages stress appropriately
  • Works alone effectively
  • Works in close proximity to others and/or in a distracting environment
  • Works with others effectively